Cross Country Counseling


I provide individual online video counseling for teens and adults located anywhere in Washington state or Montana. Counseling begins with a one-time 90-minute initial session followed by ongoing 50-minute sessions.

Clients are also provided access to:

  • secure video conferencing
  • secure client portal
  • secure messaging
  • secure electronic payment
  • online appointment request calendar
  • optional appointment reminders
  • paperless forms & documents

My academic year office hours are Sunday through Wednesday, 10am-7pm Pacific Time / 11am-8pm Mountain Time.

My summer office hours are bimonthly, alternating Sundays through Wednesdays, 10am-7pm Pacific Time / 11am-8pm Mountain Time.

Areas of Focus

The teens and adults I work with are often seeking support around:

These can be related to many factors, including:

Communication Styles

The teens and adults I work with often also find themselves farther out along the edges of the emotional regulation and social expression spectrums. In addition to whatever else is going on, being this way in the world can come with its own upsides and obstacles.

Some can appear highly regulated: feelings and thoughts are hidden inside and carefully protected, tightly managed and kept from others.

Others can appear loosely regulated: their feelings and thoughts are fully visible to others, expressed without a filter and sometimes unawareness for how expression may impact themselves and others.

Many of us possess a combination of these traits and tendencies. Finding a balance where we are most often putting our abilities to their best uses can take some time and experimentation but creates incredible results.

Therapeutic Modalities

I approach counseling with a deep curiosity and broad collection of skills and experience that let me borrow flexibly from whatever I believe will work best for you in response to your needs, goals, and learning styles. You are encouraged to share very honestly about whatever you find helpful—and not so helpful—throughout counseling. I focus on the things that matter to you and use approaches that support outcomes, including:

If you have questions about counseling, they might be answered on my FAQ page. You can find more about my background and training on my About page. Payment and insurance details are on my Fees page.

I welcome YOU.

You have the right to safe, respectful service without discrimination related to age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, [a]gender or gender expression, [a]sexual orientation, relationship status, body size or appearance, disability, educational or socioeconomic status, [non]religion, and anything else that makes you uniquely you.